New outfits, no spending (attempt one)

New outfits, no spending (attempt one)

I seem to spend a lot of my time scrolling, whether it’s social media, shopping or Pinterest. This is usually a huge waste of time, but I think I may have come across a game changer on Facebook. It isn’t a new concept by any means, and it is something I have kind of tried before – restyling old items from the back of your wardrobe. Groundbreaking, but it’s on Facebook so it must be the truth.

It was a sponsored post I came across from Cosmopolitan with some kind of affiliation to Comfort – I wore a new outfit every day without spending a penny. Catchy. Like I said, I’ve tried this kind of thing before but this article caught me at at a time where I seem to have spent quite a bit of money on new clothes and honestly I still have the daily struggle of what to wear everyday. Plus the added frustration of poor quality items that are already falling apart after only a few months. I’d like to think that no one with a brain really thinks fast fashion is a good idea, but it is so easy to push your conscience to one side when you see something new and pretty, especially when everyone around you is doing the same. No judgement to anyone out there at all, it’s not as if I’m innocent at all in doing exactly the same thing. I’m also not looking to get all preachy, no one likes that and honestly, does it ever work?

Back to the challenge. Ali Gray who wrote the article dipped into her own wardrobe, her partners and bffs. All great choices, but for me my bff has moved out and taken her wardrobe with her and I don’t have a partners wardrobe to raid. Plus I’m lazy and want easily accessible clothes that are already under my roof. She came up with some amazing outfits, but also clearly works in a much trendier environment where you can get away with a pink sequin skirt to the office (not that I own a pink sequin skirt to begin with). My take away is reworking pieces I already own in ways I haven’t previously worn. My main thoughts are dressing up casual things, dressing down going out things and mixing things I’ve never mixed before. Simple. What could possibly go wrong?

Hopefully by the end of the week my fashion creativity will have been stretched to the max rather than my credit card and I’ll have a new appreciation for my current wardrobe.

Stay tuned!

Much love!