New outfits, no spending (attempt one) - Day one

New outfits, no spending (attempt one) – Day one

The challenge – old clothes, new ways of putting them together.

I hate myself already for starting this challenge.

My first outfit was a newish pinafore with a very old chiffon tunic and trainers to complete the look. I love this top (apart from the visible facing at the front) and I love this skirt and who could hate trainers, but all together? Nope.


I feel like a normally frumpy librarian who has been on her first night out and is trying and failing to make the walk of shame outfit work. Okay so that might be a tad bit dramatic and I didn’t actually hate the outfit so much until I started taking photographs and then I spiraled.

The pessimist in me thinks there’s a reason I haven’t put certain older pieces together before for a reason and this week is doomed to fail. The optimist thinks I can turn the week around and one stumbling block isn’t the end of the world. Take a guess which side is winning at the moment!

Stay tuned!

Much love!