New outfits, no spending (attempt one) - Day Two

New outfits, no spending (attempt one) – Day Two

The challenge – torture myself with clothes that don’t want to work together instead of buying new things.

Today accidentally turned out to be a lot better than I had expected or planned. The plan was to wear this shirt that I bought off eBay a long time ago over a jumpsuit that has an open back and didn’t seem so work appropriate. Turns out the jumpsuit has become ever so slightly too tight. Far too tight to wear for 8 hours. These River Island culottes haven’t been out to play in a while and I had forgotten how much I like them, despite the lack of pockets. Heels for work aren’t usually my thing but I’m glad I went with these ASOS ones bought fairly recently.

This may be breaking the rules slightly in that it wouldn’t have been completely unthinkable to put this outfit together (and that was my initial thought process with the challenge). It has made me rethink the week though. I was making life harder for myself as usual by trying to put pieces together just because I hadn’t worn them in a while rather than them working together. Does that make sense? If it doesn’t, it matches my thought process. Anyway, I think I’ve got a slightly better grasp on the rest of the week but who knows!

Stay tuned!

Much love!