New outfits, no spending (attempt one) – Day Four

New outfits, no spending (attempt one) – Day Four

The challenge – restyle old pieces from my wardrobe into brand new outfits.

It’s pretty safe to say today was a complete failure in terms of the challenge. I woke up at 8:59am and was due at work at 9am. Not ideal. Not surprisingly this didn’t exactly give me much time to think about what I’d be wearing. This combo of eBay shirt, ASOS jeans and Birkenstocks has definitely been seen before many times. I will say though, I’m so glad I had ironed this shirt because it is the perfect go to summer outfit.

It may have been a fail for the challenge but in terms of general life it has kind of cemented a thought process I had yesterday. I was listening to ‘Cheer Up Love: Adventures in Depression with the Crab of Hate by Susan Calman’ such a good read, I would recommend it to anyone. Anyway there was a section on finding your own style which got me thinking about my wardrobe. I think I’ve found my current style, shirts and trousers. Not ground breaking I know but it is a combo that always makes me feel good and there are so many possibilities.

Stay tuned!

Much love!