New outfits, no spending (attempt one) – Day Five

New outfits, no spending (attempt one) – Day Five

The challenge – making brand new outfits from old clothes, preferably with a smile on my face.

After my brief epiphany about my style basically being shirts and trousers, that seemed like a good way to go for my last outfit of the week. This could be a bit of a cop out or it could be a genius idea and the first step to discovering my dream wardrobe. I’ll let you all decide that one. So here we have the final outfit of my mini challenge. Green trouser from ASOS, sheer shirt off eBay and the old faithful Birkenstocks.

I will admit, I’m my head this was a much more impressive outfit. I clearly forgot how chiffon works and thought a tied front would be more of a thing. I’d seen so many cute outfits on Pinterest like that but this hasn’t quite hit the mark.

All in all this week hasn’t been quite as creative or Instagram fabulous as I had hoped. To be fair I only really have myself to blame for that, I was putting the outfits together at the end of the day. It has inspired me though to go shopping in my own wardrobe before hitting the shops and maybe even go rooting back through the bags of clothes I’ve kicked out of the wardrobe to see if anything can work or be reworked.

Stay tuned!

Much love!