Lauren Messiah Love Your Body Challenge – day 5 FIND YOUR BODY DOUBLE

Lauren Messiah Love Your Body Challenge - day 5 FIND YOUR BODY DOUBLE

The Lauren Messiah Love Your Body Challenge day five is pretty self explanatory, but also genius. Finding a celebrity with a similar body type to see how they wear clothes that flatter rather than looking to celebrities with completely shapes for outfit inspiration.

I think this was the step that I was most excited about because it does make perfect sense and I do love any excuse to look at beautiful women and their clothes. Just writing that sentence, I instantly thought I need to also add a disclaimer that I’m not trying to directly compare myself to the beautiful people, just their proportions. What a ridiculous and negative thought process, especially in the middle of a love yourself challenge.

My approach to this day was to research as many body types as possible, looking further than people I am familiar with and preferable with styles that I could imagine trying myself. Anyone who knows me knows I love a bargain, and recycling styling tips from people who will be paying small fortunes for teams of magicians to put looks together seems like an amazing plan for not wasting any more money on clothes that don’t work or a team to make me look fabulous.

Step one – google 5’4″ celebrities. This took me to the weird list website Ranker. I’m not a big fan of these kinds of sites, but it was purely research. Here comes the shortlist. Looking at these lovely ladies did also make me think of other similar figures that I added in there was well. I hate to say it, but I did take advantage of the photographs creepy paparazzi takes of these ladies on the beach to compare our body types. I actually found this really helpful. Looking without any emotion, purely comparing proportions and curves helped take people off my list because with clothes taken away we aren’t so similar.

Britney Spears – It was my childhood dream to be Britney. On closer inspection, we are the same height with a slim but not tiny frame. It turns out my hips are much more prominent.

Elizabeth Olsen – It was also a childhood dream to be an Olsen twin but their absolutely tiny frames are nowhere near mine. Elizabeth on the other hand is what I would call a slim hourglass. Again, my hips are probably slightly bigger but no one is ever going to be an exact match.

Sophia Bush – I loved One Tree Hill back in the day, but the only thing I associate with women on TV back then was very, very thin and very little variety in shapes. Don’t get me wrong, some people are naturally tiny (or they work very hard to get to that point) but that isn’t what I’m aspiring for or wanting to surround myself with. Anyway, back on topic. Sophia has boobs, hips (not quite my size) and thighs, all good things in my books.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Ghost Whisperer, up there in my top 10 favourite shows. Jennifer came to mind after not seeing my hip size on anyone else. She has always had an amazing figure, but I think it would be fair to say as she’s grown up she has (I really hate to use the word but I can’t think of anything better) blossomed into a much curvier woman. Just to mix things up a little bit, my hips are a little bit smaller.

Hilary Duff – Lizzy Mcguire, say no more. Ignoring nostalgia, she is a little shorter than me I think, but similar in the slim with a booty situation.

Jodie Comer – the woman of my dreams. This one could be a little bit of a stretch and could end up tripping me up. She is a smidge taller than me, has boobs and a bum, and that general slim curvy figure. She has slimmer thighs than me, but I think style wise that would only be an issue with short things.

So there’s a very good chance I got distracted by women I admired when I was growing up, but I think I have manage to keep an element of objectivity with enough similarities in body type. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the styles these women showcase, they all have great style. Such an in depth body critique isn’t something I would want to get into the habit of doing on a regular basis, but as a one time activity I think it is a very useful tactic to understanding my body and the way I could look at dressing it.

Stay tuned!

Much love!