Lauren Messiah Love Your Body Challenge – day 8 OOPS I DID IT AGAIN

Lauren Messiah Love Your Body Challenge - day 8 OOPS I DID IT AGAIN

The Lauren Messiah Love Your Body Challenge day eight is all about fashion fails and laughing at them rather than feeling bad. Here goes.

2009. Wow. This was a pre university trip to Barcelona. That is me wearing a bum bag, leggings and let’s not forget the very unflattering top. The bag was homemade using a belt on a normal shoulder bag. Amazing trip, but fashion wise, not there at all.

2010. I was at my sister’s wedding. Seriously. This was the day before my 20th birthday and I splashed out on this amazing dress that just doesn’t do me any favours at all. It’s tight on my thighs, baggy on my belly and the boob bits sit too low for me. I’m so sorry Lindsey.

2011. I loved this dress until I saw this photo. It’s French Connection and I got it off eBay so it was an absolute bargain. It turns out, a boxy t-shirt dress doesn’t flatter a short, slightly curvy girl. Then you put that shape next to a beautiful gazelle who has dressed so well for her body type, not ideal for me.

2012. This was a fun night. A dress that cuts tight across my thighs is not my favourite look. It could be my bad posture, or could just be that I had a bit of a pot belly back then, either way, I don’t think bodycon is for me. I do remember buying this dress though, I was with my mum and dad, imagine my poor mortified dad’s face when I picked this out and told him this is how I wanted to dress. He didn’t judge (he’s a bit of a cool guy) but it can’t have been easy for him.

This has been surprisingly easy to look back on. I’ve always been super sensitive to criticism and very critical of myself, but this task at this stage in the process has allowed me to look back without judgment. It’s good to look back, I’ve had so many flashbacks tonight of great times and I’m quite proud to see how far I’ve come in the past 10 years. I also hope I’ve learnt enough to dress myself in the next 10 years.

Stay tuned!

Much love!