Big old bra clear out

Big old bra clear out

After a recent style challenge and upcycle project, I thought it was about time for a bit of de-cluttering and organisation. Where better to start than the bras?

This B&Q storage unit has been my situation for longer than I would like to admit. This is no way for clothes to live. To be fair, this has been a workable temporary solution in an attempt to battle the floor-drobe but it’s about time some real furniture is introduced.

I’m even more embarrassed to reveal the sorry state of my current bra storage. I know, sacrilege.

I have to say, I thought this process was going to be a lot easier than it was. I know I’ve not touched a lot of these bras in a long time so they should be easy to throw out, right? Turns out I’m more of a hoarder than I thought. Bras are just too pretty, and once you find a good sale, how can you refuse? My tastes have changed over the past couple of years though and these old pieces are taking up space. After getting my head into ruthless mode, the sorting could really begin. My basic strategy was keep, throw and try on keeping any emotions out of it.

After 4 minutes 26 seconds, these are the two piles I ended up with. Keep on the right, get rid of on the left. Not quite the split I was hoping for, but after trying on a few bras that I thought still worked but really didn’t, the left pile grew.

Organisation. How pretty.

It is crazy that this box looks as full as when it began. They aren’t going to waste though. I saw a post on Facebook (obviously, where else do people see things?) about donating underwear and makeup. Both great ideas.

Smalls For All looks like a great charity that aim to help woman and children in Africa and the UK. Who can argue with that?

Against Breast Cancer is another great looking charity that uses unwanted bras to help support small businesses in Africa and raise money for breast cancer research.

Underwear is something I personally have taken for granted all my life (and clearly indulged in for quite a while), if my overspending can help other people I’m all for it. On a much more selfish level, I’m looking forward to this being the start of much more purging and organising.

Stay tuned!

Much love!