Bleach London Rose Gold review

Bleach London Rose Gold review

After my recent revisiting of Bleach London Aubergine Dream, I though I would give the Rose Gold dye a try – rhyme unintended. I also decided to forget the rules and go off script with the application. I might just be the biggest rebel I know. Cue applying Bleach London Rose Gold onto completely dry, second day hair. Full disclosure, I have tried this colour before (following the instructions to the letter) and didn’t really see much of a change which in my mind makes my super reckless action not very risky at all.

A super speedy 2 minutes 18 seconds for application followed by about half an hours wait for this amazing transformation. This might just be taking first place in most underwhelming colour change of the year.

Wow. Can you tell which is the starting and ending hair? Having tried this Bleach London Rose Gold off blog in the past, I can’t say my expectations were particularly high but they were marginally higher than this outcome. Maybe because I still had a whiff of Aubergine Dream lingering meaning my blonde wasn’t as white as possible, or maybe the dye just got intimidated by my fast growing roots and didn’t fancy sticking around.


My advice for unexceptional hair treatments? Put a curl in it. Preferably a tight curl. I find it really confuses the eye, combine that with the pain of the odd burn because you refuse to wear a protective glove and that really distracts from the time spent waiting for zero results. If you have bright white hair and would like a sniff of a hint of a shade of very light pink, this is the product for you. If not, I’d go with something else.

Stay tuned!

Much love!