Dressing for comfort and style?

Dressing for comfort and style?

With the prospect of a week of hell at work, I will admit I had a little paddy. Such a first world problem and I do realise I am lucky enough to have consistent, full time work, but the prospect of a six day week really isn’t something that puts a smile on my face. I allowed myself a bit of time to sulk then decided I could either spend the next week with a face like thunder or I can get creative and turn it into a good old fashion challenge.

Living Hell But Make it Fashion

Recent home improvements have left me living in a temporary bomb site which hasn’t exactly been inspiring great outfits. The fact I’ve just discovered a massive bruise on my calf is a pretty good indicator of my recent level of self care.

Pretty much my highest priority is comfort. 8 hours a day split between sitting at a computer and kneeling on the floor taking photos of watches needs practical outfits (I’m getting so old). As much as I’d love to spend the week in pyjamas, I think that would remind me too much of being at home and people at work have no place interfering with my relaxed home mentality. With that in mind – if I’m dressed like a boss, surely I can boss the week?

Day one

Trousers: ASOS

Jumper: eBay – Miss Selfridge?

Boots: Mulberry Moon


I absolutely loved this outfit. It may not be the most photogenic, but it made me feel good enough not to care. Cosy jumper and the roomiest trousers I have ever owned. Plus, possibly my new favourite pair of shoes – black with buckles and studs and somehow the comfiest things I think I’ve ever put on my feet.

Fashion score: 9/10

Comfort score: 10/10

Day two

Trousers: Collusion jeans (ASOS)

Shirt: River Island (via ASOS)

Sleeveless Duster: Miss Selfridge

Coat: ASOS

Shoes: Clarks


This outfit was a nightmare. Too many layers. Too many lengths. Not warm enough. The list goes on. The duster was lost after the first hour, too much flapping around and not quite sitting right with the shirt shoulders. Then coat came back on, it was far too cold in the downstairs office to not have that extra layer. The upstairs office was far too hot for a coat. Turns out jeans and slightly cropped shirt aren’t ideal for kneeling over a photo booth when you’re taking 500 pictures. Luckily noone else was in the room to witness my back, belly and quite possibly bra. Really not an ideal situation.

Fashion score: 5/10

Comfort score: 3/10

Day three

Trousers: eBay – Topshop

Blouse: eBay – Topshop?

Shoes: Mulberry Moon


I wasn’t sure about this outfit at all. I bought the trousers off eBay, loved the photo, wasn’t overjoyed when I opened the parcel. I don’t know why I’m ever so surprised when I pay under £5 for second hand items and don’t receive perfectly fitting, amazing quality clothes. Anyway, I was happy surprised at how good I felt – stretchy, soft trousers and a loose fitting top. Not quite the best in a photograph but lets just blame my camera for that one.

Fashion score: 7/10

Comfort score: 7/10

Day four

Trousers: New Look

Jumper: H&M

Shoes: ASOS


This is my meeting in the office and drinks after work look. My version of dressing up has really chilled out over the years, I’m not mad about this look at all though. Comfortable and I didn’t feel out of place in a bar with a glass of wine while pigging out on free food. Also, nice little bonus with these trousers, they have a tad bit of stretch so you can actually move around which is great for spending half the day kneeling on the floor at the photo booth.

Fashion score: 9/10

Comfort score: 8/10

Day five

Trousers: Berksha (via ASOS)

Jumpers: eBay – Topshop

Shoes: Puma (via ASOS)


The perfect outfit to describe the morning after a couple of glasses of wine the night before when you forgot to plan ahead. First mistake for the challenge in terms of both fashion and comfort. I have nothing against a dress down day for a bit of a break but this could have been better. Jeans are not my friends at the moment, especially when they don’t have any stretch at all. The jumper and trainers I don’t have a problem with and luckily I didn’t have to be face to face with any customers.

Fashion score: 2/10

Comfort score: 3/10

Day six

Shorts: Ark

Jumper: ASOS

Shoes: Mulberry Moon


By day 6, my mind was gone. Can you go wrong with a bit knitted jumper? I’ve worn these shorts for work before and don’t remember them being quite so short. Half way through the day I realised my accidental style icon…


My dad circa 1992 when his shorts were more of a hinted at item of clothing and the t-shirt was the main attraction. I don’t think I could beat this outfit for comfort, nothing restrictive and just the right amount of toasty. When I got home though, I did realise the pleather coating on the shorts has begun to perish – they are about 10 years old so they have seen their day so I’m glad the final outing was in an look that topped off a week from hell.

Fashion score: 7/10

Comfort score: 8/10

Fashion wise, I’m not sure this has been my most successful week. Comfort wise, not bad at all. I did find it a massive help though having something else (pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things) to focus on when otherwise the week was set to just be a pure nightmare. Just like all the style challenges I have done in the past, I have had an urge to go through my wardrobe and get my act together.

Stay tuned!

Much love!