A millennial without a phone for the weekend.

I had always held the cocky opinion that I would be just fine without my phone on a day to day basis and wouldn’t have the ‘typical’ millennial melt down without that one piece of technology. Turns out I was very much mistaken.

The blame for this loss is entirely the fault of someone else, obviously. A last minute phone call and task threw off my organisation and being too eager to leave the office, the phone was forgotten.

Three main concerns came to mind (there were many other annoying thoughts later on but these seemed like the most important ones):

  • My nanna hasn’t been very well and I said I’d phone.
  • What will become of my social life without my precious phone?
  • I’ve just started chatting to a potentially interesting match and I don’t think she’d be too impressed having to wait 3 days for a reply.

Nanna – it turns out Skype offers a month of free landline calls, perfect. Checked in and she was confused at a call coming through a laptop but then she is in her 80s and refuses to acknowledge the internet exists.

Social life – One friend knows about my lack of phone, she lives with my other friend. Sorted.

Potential date – Unfortunately apps aren’t compatible with laptops, but after an hour of trying I finally managed to get a very old spare phone working long enough to log in and reply.

After a nice hot shower (and the new old phone still being dangerously low on battery) it seemed like a great opportunity to re-frame the whole situation and see what the effects of a few days without easily accessible distractions does. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m hoping for mass productivity (despite having man flu) and the real reason for my lack of posts recently is all because of outside distractions and absolutely not my fault entirely. Wishful thinking maybe?

Stay tuned!

Much love!