Surviving being phone free?

Surviving being phone free?

The phone is back, so like any good millennial the first thing I did was take a selfie. Not true at all, but I did consider it. After 12 hours of work in an 8 hour work day, a clean bathroom, washed pots and a lovely home cooked meal (who am I kidding? Tescos finest) – it was time to take a reunion selfie. Plants, PJs and mirror selfies – is that still was young people do? When you’re 29 going on 89, it’s hard to be sure.

When you can’t quash every thought process with a scroll through the socials or (too) many hours on mindless games, it’s actually pretty easy to reflect on life and be fairly present in what is going on in the moment. Who’d have thought it?

I can’t lie, day one phone free was not very productive. The man flu fully took over completely which lead to a duvet day of complete rest. It was definitely needed so I’m not going to feel guilty about it at all. It did makes me question whether the phone is actually a distraction or just an easy excuse when you’re (I’m) actually just being a bit lazy.

After rest and a bit of reflection, I was possibly more productive than I have been at a weekend in quite a while. I’m not so sure this is entirely down to the lack of phone, my ‘experiment’ was very much swayed by a somewhat public announcement of getting more stuff done. It did allow for a lot of jobs finally being checked off the never ending to do list though – clearing the wardrobe room (mainly), rearranging spare bedroom furniture, vacuum bagging spare duvets and excess clothes, even a bit of ironing thrown in there. What an exciting life I lead, you must be so jealous. They have all been things I’ve been putting off doing for so long though, with the added help of a portable distraction with very impressive battery life.

I did feel a surprising sense of isolation initially. I do love time alone, usually getting away from idiots is the best part of my day. But then usually I have a selection of specially chosen non idiots to phone or WhatsApp while I’m enjoying my own space. Facebook messenger can only get a girl so far. Instead of just relying on the phone though, it’s probably going to be a good idea for my future self to get some real life plans make in spaces other than my living room or the office. Places where you don’t end up with eye strain or bad posture.

There were a few issues that definitely weren’t the end of the world, just complete first world problems:

Trying to order an oh so nutritious burger and milkshake from Ubereats is apparently impossible without a phone number for SMS verification. Bad news for lazy me, good news for my waistline and bank balance.

My smart thermostat isn’t so smart without the phone around to keep it on track. Without the trusty little device, the house just doesn’t believe I’m actually here and would quite like to be kept at a nice cosy temperature.

Podcasts. I missed them so much. I know technically I could have used my laptop for these, but the sound is just awful. Good news for the records that spend the majority of their time being ignored.

My biggest take away from the weekend is less time glued to the phone and more time interacting with the real world might just be the way forward. It is very far from ground breaking stuff, I know, but I’m a stubborn learner and only tend to take things in once I’ve experienced something the hard way. I am looking forward to being a more productive person in the future and curious to see how difficult re-training myself not to be so completely reliant on my phone will be.

It is definitely worth a mention that this post took at the very least 3 times longer that it should have done because I was on my phone having a gif war over WhatsApp.

Stay tuned!

Much love!