Restyling diaries: leopard print trousers five ways

Restyling diaries: leopard print trousers five ways

In the spirit of not buying new clothes and making the most of what I already have in the wardrobe I decided to set myself a groundbreaking, never been done before style challenge. Restyling old items into new outfits to get more wear out of them. What better place to start than the super subtle green leopard print trousers that have been lurking in the back of my wardrobe for a little while now.

I bought these about a year ago from ASOS when I was at the peak of my shopping addiction. Loved them at first but then kind of gave up on them after the one outfit I’d styled them with started to feel a bit over worn.

At the risk of wearing them to death again, I want to put five outfits together and wear them in the real world to test them out. Pretty basic criteria but should hopefully leave my with more options for those sleepy mornings when I was to feel presentable but don’t have the headspace to plan anything out. Failing that, the trousers will be on their way to find a new happy home where they will be worn and appreciated, all while freeing up some space in my rather cramped wardrobe.

Some kind of planning would probably have been a good idea, but where’s the fun in that? Working in an ice box is also going to be a slight issue, there’s no point looking half way decent if my nose is turning blue and my fingers are too cold to type. If I never write again, you know I’ve failed and my hands have succumb to frostbite.

Check out my Instagram for daily updates, providing I don’t have instant regret for all my life choices leading up to this challenge.

Stay tuned!

Much love!