Bleach London Washed Up Mermaid attempt 2

After my first attempt at using Bleach London Washed Up Mermaid surprisingly didn’t ruin my life – not so much of an over dramatisation after the L’Oréal blue refused to shift until it was cut out.

Using the dye mixed with conditioner did seem to work at subduing the initial Bleach London blue. I could be completely wrong about the conditioner being the cause of the not so vibrant outcome but I do like to think a plan worked out my way for a change.

Anyway, as usual, here’s my starting point. Again not the fairest starting part, the wash out from the last blue did give a bit of a purple tinge. (My apologies for the shocking quality of the photo, I didn’t realise how bad it was until too late).

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As before, the application process is very simple. It is nice to have a hair dye that doesn’t smell during the 30 minutes forced chill out time. You might not be able to completely put your head back and relax, but it isn’t a bad start.

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Just like last time, I do love the result but I can’t help being slightly underwhelmed. I don’t quite know why I can’t just be happy that I have a hair colour that instantly looks as I want it rather than the bright blue advertised that honestly doesn’t quite fit into my life right now.

Taking a step away from moaning about a good thing, I’ll have a second gushing about all those different tones that are going on. Not bad for a lazy girl who wouldn’t know where to start mixing her own colours.

My hairdresser still has a little bit of maternity leave left which should leave me just enough time to try out the other Bleach London hair dyes black Friday tricked me into buying.

Stay tuned!

Much love!