The story of new glasses.

The story of new glasses.

In 2016 it was reported that 61% of people in the UK needed some form of visual aid to make life that bit clearer. I probably could have found a more up to date source, but Newsnuggets Network grabbed my attention firstly because of the name but then I discovered it’s an independent news source created by children – how cool is that?

So, with probably more than 40 million people in the UK wearing glasses at this point in time, it really isn’t something that makes me in any way special – the only child in me is screaming for this to just be about me. So it is.

Six weeks into wearing these amazing inventions and I really don’t know how I’ve been making my way through the world with such generally fuzzy vision. Madness. When I was sat in my office 20 minutes post specs collection noticing just how many cracks had appeared in the plaster that I literally couldn’t see before, it got me thinking about what else I have been potentially missing out on in this slow decline to slight obscurity.

I can’t be the only millennial in this whole, wide world using a small, somewhat trivial incident to headline a huge moment of personal realisation – I still have a lot to learn in life.

This is the official confession of a former know it all admitting she doesn’t in fact know it all.

First lesson learned – letting an idea die that was barely clinging to life at conception 4 years ago. Love From Us began with pyjamas and dreams. Two things I am a very big fan of. I dined out on selling one cute little pair to try and mask my terror at having zero clue what I was doing or where I was going. I still don’t know either of those things but I think fear has taken over for far too long, it’s time to embrace this crisp new vision and unleash my inner creative that has been hibernating for far too long.

We are 64 days into the new decade, what better time for a new start? It’s not even a Monday! A new start needs a new name, surely? Drum roll please… Hannah Knows Nothing. A journey to discover and creative experiments.

I’ve heard a lot of wise women claiming their 30s have been so much freer than their 20s, so with 201 days until the official start of giving less f*cks it is time to have some fun and potentially figure out what the next decade has to hold.

I’m doing it regardless but you are all very welcome to follow along, give yourself a kick up the backside as well or just sit back and laugh while I fail my way through my 30s.

H x