The Re-Shave

The Re-Shave

It is 16 days since I shaved my head to try and raise some money for two amazing charities – Mind and Tribal Project. The world is a crazy place right now and trying to support organisations who are trying to provide mental health help to those who need it seems like the very least I can do. My JustGiving page is still open, and will be until Wednesday 20th May if anyone would still like to donate!

Shaving my head isn’t something that was ever on my radar really. I’d done the undercut but that did take some persuasion from a professional who knew exactly what she was doing. That is a slight lie, the thought has crossed my mind occasionally that it would be very therapeutic to go straight in with the clippers but overthinking the aftermath always stopped that thought in its tracks.

Doing a Facebook live to push the charities and giving myself the drastic chop seemed like a little bit too much to take on in one go, luckily I had an amazing woman standing by me to take control of the scissors and get me through the day. It could have been a very different day without her by my side!

It is amazing how quickly my little noggin has pushed the hairs back through. Two weeks and it must have doubled in size (length seems like a bit of a generous word here). These clippers might just be my new best friends, or I’m going to be in desperate need of some regrowth tips.

For any more amazing people out there who have any spare digital change they can spare, please consider sending them to

H x