Fresh shave, fresh start

Fresh shave, fresh start

I’ve seen so many ladies over the years looking completely badass with shaved heads. I also never thought I’d have the nerve or desire to do it myself.

My big shave definitely wasn’t a vanity project. It might have been one of the better grief decisions I made though. It gave me something to focus on at my nearly lowest point. That first moment of checking out my reflection after the big cut was surprising. A wave of calm ran through my body. New hair, new me to the max. It felt like the end of a chapter. Closing the door on a lot of pain, stress and generally negative emotions.

I cannot express enough the power of a new haircut. Obviously this wasn’t a cure all for grief, but it did provide something good to hold onto.

A couple of months and a big dose of self kindness later, I genuinely feel good. Good enough to slap some makeup on get in front of the camera again. This may sound incredibly shallow, but it took me a long time to feel good about myself and I don’t think that confidence is something that should be lost without a fight.

Cue posing!

A small part of me is starting to miss having hair. A slightly bigger part of me is enjoying shaving my own head and having one less thing to deal with in the morning!

H x