Stitch Fix – My First Impressions

If you haven’t already heard of Stitch Fix, you must not inhale podcasts and YouTube content like I do. In a nutshell, Stitch Fix is a personal styling service where you can find your perfect fit with hand selected items to suit your individual style. I can’t resist jumping on a bandwagon ridiculously late so here we are. The cashback offer my bank was offering was also a nice little incentive to give the service a try.

How does it work?

Like all good subscription sites, you start with a quiz. Typical dress size, areas of your body you usually like to show off or hide, usual price tag, preferences in a variety of photos of different clothing styles. I do love a quiz but I have to say it seems a little vague to live up to the promise of such personalised, perfect style. Too soon to be negative though! All that’s left is to submit your payment details and wait. Now would be a good time to mention the £10 styling fee. This will be knocked off your final bill if you decide to buy anything, if you don’t the charge still stands.

First Impressions

It didn’t take long for my mystery selection to arrive which is always a bonus. Extra bonus for limited packaging. Zero plastic which is very nice to see, just a simple wrap of tissue paper in a cardboard box.

Along with the clothes, there is a handy style suggestion sheet for each item. Like a lot of things with this box and experience, I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I love 90% of the suggestions and would definitely wear them. On the other hand I don’t own anything similar and there don’t seem to be any suggestions on where to buy.

The Clothes

Honestly, first impressions were a little underwhelming. Four tops and a pair of trousers. I don’t really know what I was expecting but an outfit would have been nice. A mini capsule maybe. Am I just asking too much?

Rowena Triple Stripe Rainbow Sweater – Sugarhill Brighton (£54)

You can’t go wrong with a rainbow! Especially a glittery one! I love this. It is super soft and that slim fit that I have been looking for. A little research on the company Sugarhill Brighton and I fell further in love. An independent womenswear brand with four key selling points I adore – organic cotton, exclusive prints, charity collabs, and dresses with pockets. I dare anyone to not admire those values.

Papina Blouse – Edited (£49)

In my experience a bust and a wrap top don’t work too well together. It could just be that I’ve worn the wrong sizes or types in the past but they all seem to give you weird lopsided boobs. Not usually the look I prefer. Having said all that, I do like this top in theory. In real life I have no idea when, where or with what I would wear it. My wardrobe doesn’t need any more pieces like that

Byron Print Blouse – Louche (£45)

Love the shape and kind of love the print but the quality is a bit of a let down. The buttons are all half sewn on which isn’t the end of the world but annoying especially given the price tag. The price is also a bit of a sore subject. I checked out the brand Louche and the same piece was on sale for £25.

Tansy Top – Modstrom (£25.95)

Any top that doesn’t work with a bra is not my friend. This is something I learnt a long time ago and it holds up as a pretty good rule to shop by. It is a shame because I do love this kind of neckline but when the compromise is armpit boobs from a strapless bra or zero support, it is a no from me.

Pippa Cropped Printed Trousers – Mauvette (£45)

Generally I love a cropped trouser but these don’t quite do it for me. The pattern and fabric reminds me of a work uniform my mum used to wear, possibly for an estate agents. Nothing at all against a career in houses in the naughties, it’s just not how I saw myself dressing at 30. Also, the fit. What is that fit all about? Unless they have been designed to be worn low with an extremely dropped crotch, they have never seen a size 10.

The Verdict

I wouldn’t say my first experience of Stitch Fix has been such a success. The fact you can’t make a single outfit isn’t ideal. The £165.16 total bill (for anyone doing the maths, you get a 20% discount to buy everything) seems like a lot of money for not much pay off. None of the items really fit my current style or inspire a new look. Discovering Sugarhill Brighton has been a positive, probably the only one.

Has anyone else tried Stitch Fix? What did you think? If I haven’t completely put you off and you like a quiz to pass the time, check them out – Stitch Fix.