Butchering the Masters: Norman Ives. Attempt one.

Butchering the Masters takes me right back to my school days. A recent (very boring) pipe issue saw a lot of my old sketchbooks destroyed. This was more upsetting event than I would like to admit, but also an opportunity to create fresh work.

One of my New Year, New Goals ambitions was to experiment with new crafts and techniques. Pinterest hasn’t let me down with my first inspiration.

Norman Ives. A graphic design genius. I love a simple looking design with plenty of scope for multi media applications.

Ives was known for creating striking compositions out of fragmented letterforms and abstract formations that straddled the worlds of graphic design and fine artMEGAN WILLIAMS, CREATIVE REVIEW

This very simplified, three step process is very likely an insult to the artistic wizard. What else can you expect from a Pinterest find though?

Step one. Some very crude photoshopping and print outs in a few different sizes. I chose a couple different fonts and my name. So original, I know.

Step two. Lots of measuring and cutting. I do have quite high patience levels, but this did start to test me after a little bit. It also made me wish I’d paid a little more attention to the sizing. It could have made matching up squares simpler.

Step three. Playing around with composition. Not rocket science but it did fire some creative sparks flying. I’m sure I had a jigsaw similar to this when I was little.

Not a bad first butchering attempt I don’t think. I did have a few flashbacks of finishing coursework on a Sunday night. That’s usually the start of an unwelcome anxiety dream. Here it was pretty nice to have something to focus on, work towards and springboard off.

Plenty more experiments to come!

H x