Attempt one at butchering the work of Norman Ives really inspired me. This level of excitement really could have come in handy back in the days of school and course work! Better late than never though.

I did surprise myself with how happy the results of round one made me. A little rudimental and in need of some oomph but not a bad starting place.

Layers and colour, what could go wrong?

I wanted to use up paper stock I already had in the garage which has lead to a rather eclectic mix of textures. It’s a fine line between madness and a design that works. Which way do you think this falls? Personally, I don’t hate it at all. This was a genuine surprise.

While the colour was still making me nervous, I decided to also take inspiration from a blank canvas. Plain sketchbook paper. If in doubt, what can go wrong with going back to basics? Layers of slightly different compositions. I don’t hate this result either.

I don’t think I have ever been so pleasantly surprised with any experimenting I’ve done before. Both versions came with waves of doubt, major dislike and a healthy dose of wanting to give up. Luckily, for a change, I didn’t throw the towel in half way through. My patience and potentially sanity levels have definitely been tested. Worth it? I’d say so, but I also may have lost my mind slightly.

As soon as my fingers stop feeling like they are going to fall off and are ready to pick up a scalpel again, I cannot wait to see what else can be made.

H x