Mini Pottery – A Guide To Failing Spectacularly

Has anyone else seen those mini pottery wheels advertised seemingly everywhere? Has anyone else been intrigued and 90% sure they’re a complete scam? After a few months of being fascinated from the side lines, I decided to take the plunge and place my order.

To be clear my pottery experience is very limited. I have made two pots in my life, both when I was under 10. Both during holiday activity time where a ‘helper’ basically makes the thing then lets you feel good about your little child self.

I found this little guy on Amazon. One of those listings with a load of variants and either a complete lack of reviews or just ones from people who haven’t used it.

I was sceptically optimistic and very pleasantly surprised. Again, I have no idea about pottery so it could still be a complete scam. To the untrained eye though, the unit seems pretty sturdy. A speed control knob and a variety of tools can’t be bad either.

The biggest test, would it spin? Yes. The next question, would it spin without being obnoxiously loud? Also yes. A great start for a complete novice.

If you have any experience on a pottery wheel I apologise in advance. You might want to look away and forget you came across this post. The same warning goes for any filming/editing pros. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Despite how it looks, this was an incredibly relaxing process. My inner perfectionist managed to pipe down long enough to see the potential this little machine holds. A lot more practice and some google assistance is going to go a long way.

Say hello to my three little monsters. They may not be conventionally attractive but I really don’t hate them. As always, I am very open to any suggestions or advice for the next batch!

H x