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Style: glitter day 3

I can’t quite decide how much of a mistake this little challenge is. It’s only the second actual day of glitter (the real day 2 didn’t count, it was a Sunday, if I’m not wearing […]

No more nail biting : update part 1

I can’t say there was any real victory about the last week apart from I’ve managed to do 8 days without getting a clip round the ear or a black eye from Hannah…its very true […]

Style: no nail biting challenge 

Since my name has been mentioned on here a few times already I should probably introsuce myself…Hi, I’m Liz. Also known as “the housemate”, “Lizzy”, “the workmate”, “the best pal and “drinks bitch”… So this […]

House: makeup organisation 

In some kind of attempt to be a more organised person, I’ve made the monumental decision to try and put some order into my ridiculous makeup collection.  The wardrobe room is severely lacking in any […]

Style: work winter wardrobe update

This should have been the easiest week plan to follow but somehow we have managed to fail spectacularly.  I really don’t know how.  I think I mentioned me and Liz are both terrible at waking […]

Style: work winter wardrobe

October is nearly over and winter is definitely here.  The past month has been a weird one, there’s been communal bouts of feeling a bit down and restless.  Maybe because the month before was so […]

House: living room part 1

I’m not going to lie, the first time I walked into my new empty living room my heart sank and I had a sudden case of buyers regret.  The smell that hit me when I […]

General update

After a pretty dramatic month of house, holiday and hospital, right now seems like the right time to stop procrastinating and get back to the blog. August has definitely been my fresh start month. New […]

Style: jewellery week update

So this was never the most challenging challenge but it did prove to be a little bit more difficult than I thought it could be.  I did try and do a bit of prep work […]

Lifestyle: getting fit with an app

So I may have given the impression from some of my previous posts that I’m lazy and like eating just a little bit too much.  This isn’t completely false.  I tend to go through phases […]