Crafty bits: painted canvas

As a general rule, I hate drawing and painting.  I’d love to love it, but I find the whole process stressful and generally unenjoyable.  Having said that, every now and again I get an urge […]

Style: work wardrobe

Recently I’ve been trying to put a bit more effort into my day to day work “look”.  I love nothing more than snoozing my alarm until the last possible moment on a morning, this doesn’t […]

Crafty bits: canvas weaving

When I first started packing up my life ready to move house, I had a scary reality check when I realised quite how full my craft room was and how many supplies I have been […]

Style: new hair

I don’t think I have ever quite appreciated how much a good hair cut can change how you feel about yourself.  I’ve never been too afraid to try new things with my hair, it always grows […]

Crafty bits: pom pom canvas

I used to absolutely love making pom poms as a kid, but I always remember them being such a faff with cardboard circles.  So much cutting out.  I discovered plastic pom pom makers about a […]

A quick intro

Love From Us is a brand dedicated to providing perfect pampering outfits and lazy day pjs for you or a friend.  Basically lovely hand made nightwear for anyone who wants an excuse to treat themselves. […]