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Mini Pottery – A Guide To Failing Spectacularly

Has anyone else seen those mini pottery wheels advertised seemingly everywhere? Has anyone else been intrigued and 90% sure they’re a complete scam? After a few months of being fascinated from the side lines, I […]


Attempt one at butchering the work of Norman Ives really inspired me. This level of excitement really could have come in handy back in the days of school and course work! Better late than never […]

Butchering the Masters: Norman Ives. Attempt one.

Butchering the Masters takes me right back to my school days. A recent (very boring) pipe issue saw a lot of my old sketchbooks destroyed. This was more upsetting event than I would like to […]

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Post grief crafting

Post grief crafting

One big thing that hit me during my initial grieving process was my complete lack of creative thinking. Making things or planning out new projects has always been my coping mechanism for stabilising my head. […]

Abstract painting for beginners – part two

Painting part one really did a decent job at quashing my fear of paint. Temporarily at least. I’m still very, very far from being a competent artist but does that really matter if you’re not […]

Abstract painting for beginners – part one

Creating any kind of abstract art has been my biggest fear for just about as long as I can remember. For a somewhat creative person, I like rules and order far too much. Then Jenna […]

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Cross stitching for sanity

Cross stitching for sanity

A couple of weeks back a very good friend was having one of those days where you’re mind turns into a complete asshole and betrays you in every way leaving you feeling like garbage. The […]

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Air dry clay for absolute beginners - part one

Air dry clay for absolute beginners – part one

I used to absolutely love playing with clay as a kid. I don’t think anything I made has really stood the test of time, but the thought and determination was definitely there. Picture 8 year […]

Two Part Resin – what not to do

My recent experiments with UV resin made me curious to give two part resin another go. What can I say, I love a new project, a new medium and lets be honest, any excuse to […]