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House: diy foot stool

Sundays are for attempting diy aren’t they? Or have I got this all wrong and Sundays are usually reserved for relaxing? That sounds more like it! So anyway, a couple of weeks ago on a […]

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House: garage clearing

The plan for the garage has always been for it to become my sewing/craft/office room.  The perfect space for designing and making new pj styles along with some way of making my craft supplies look […]

House: wardrobe room part 1

One of the main things I’ve discovered in this new house is the fact that I pretty much hate all kinds of traditional furniture.  The previous owners very kindly left each bedroom with a wall […]

The nightmare of buying a house update

After waiting 6 whole months, I have finally completed on buying my very first house!  When my offer was accepted in January I had no idea it would take so long and be such an […]