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Two Part Resin – what not to do

My recent experiments with UV resin made me curious to give two part resin another go. What can I say, I love a new project, a new medium and lets be honest, any excuse to […]

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Craft: mini jewellery part four

What happens when you combine letter punches, hammers and a tiny bit of pent up frustration? This. It should be quite clear, I’m no expert, but here are my tools. The stamping process (the way […]

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Craft: mini jewellery part three

It has been quite a while since I’ve got any of my jewellery making supplies out, it’s long overdue. I thought it would be a good idea to start simple, it has been a while […]

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Craft: mini jewellery part two

A while ago when I was still going to classes, I was struggling to decide what to do next after one of my (many) disasters that could easily be considered fails. I thought I’d take […]

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Style: jazzing up challenge update

Challenges really seem to be getting the better of me recently. What is going on? I feel like I’ve oversold what I’ve ended up with. Maybe jazzing up should be changed to mildly decorating. If […]

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Craft: jewellery class round up

16 weeks of learning is over.  I couldn’t be happier at my decision to sign up for college again.  At the beginning of the course I didn’t really know what to expect or where it […]

Craft: jewellery supplies part 2

When you’re not completely bossing your new hobby, what is the most logical thing to do?  Introduce your new credit card to the website where jewellery dreams are born – Cooksongold (definitely not sponsored by […]

Craft: jewellery making fails part 1

In an earlier jewellery post, I think I may have mentioned getting a bit over confident with my abilities and not quite ended up with usable pieces.  But, not to be a negative Nancy, everything […]

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Craft: jewellery making part 7

This was a little bit of a fail week.  To be honest, I think I’ve had a bit too much luck with experiments recently and it’s probably about time I had a disaster to bring […]

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Craft: jewellery prep, cuttlefish

I think I’d mentioned in my last jewellery post that my plan was to try and spend the next session (hopefully not) becoming the most hated person in class by stinking the place out with […]